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Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. You are awarded more points per asteroid destroyed the higher the level you're on. You get more points for shooting smaller asteroids. If you ever get into a jam use one of your 3 bombs to clear the area around you.

A Netnexus Classic!

  Play Asteroids!

 Emoticon Defense
Classic tower defense style game. Defend your base and make a crazy face! In this tower defense game, you can have some fun with a smile on their face (and yours too).

  Play Tower Defense!

 Lunar Lander
Use the Up Arrow for the landing thruster and the left/right arrow keys to move laterally. Try to land the moon lander onto the landing pad.

A Netnexus Classic!

  Play Lunar Lander!

 Air Hockey
Try to best the computer at Air Hockey.

A Netnexus Classic!

  Play Air Hockey!

 Red Bugs!
Squash the green bugs while preventing the red bugs from draining your life force!

  Play Red Bugs!

 Rocket Defender!
Defend your platform from enemy attacks!

  Play Rocket Defender!

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