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    NetNexus on Facebook
    Monday, 25th of November 2019 - WeaponX
    Has everybody who's still here joined the NetNexus group on Facebook?? It just makes it so much more easy to get ahold of somebody after they've retired their account. If you haven't yet, join up! Get back in touch with us!

    Nations Testing
    Thursday, 14th of July 2016 - IronSinew
    http://nations.new.netnexus.com/ -- I could use some testing in (new) Nations to make sure that most everything is working outside of: attacking and espionage systems. Please report bugs here: http://laravel.new.netnexus.com/help/ticket


    It's about time...
    Thursday, 22nd of October 2015 - IronSinew
    To borrow Starcraft 2's catch phrase, it IS about time, isn't it? What's about time? That NetNexus got a new layout, look, and some sorely-needed upgrades (mobile-friendly? responsive design? much easier to manage/update?).

    We will be re-launching the main site soon and with it will come a lot of platform upgrades. If we've done our job well, it should feel like the site you've always used and loved. We would appreciate it if the users could help us test out the dev site for the nearly-completed main site and its forums. We'd love any feedback about it, or if you find any issues, submit a help ticket on that site. Any feedback is welcomed on this thread or you can post to the new forum as well if you'd like.

    Check it out here: http://laravel.new.netnexus.com


    (side note, they are running on two different databases so any forum posts made there and/or account changes will not be reflected on the live site)

      Eakright11Two More Rounds..03/28/20 3:20 am 
      NOOKIEstay safe everyone03/16/20 2:48 am 
      WeaponXA Round Without Techies03/12/20 10:56 pm 
      JeffreycDid Rare item drop rate improve?03/08/20 4:41 am 
      WeaponXNeed one tech03/06/20 8:44 pm 
      Eakright11Nations.. 03/04/20 2:33 pm 
      KochonLeveled up too fast :(03/04/20 11:21 am 
      XSquadTech Alliancesssssss02/27/20 9:28 pm 
      Trunks316Round02/27/20 9:36 am 
      AK47New guy here...02/19/20 2:11 pm 
      -DarkDEATH-Forgotten Password02/04/20 6:55 pm 
      Eakright11NATIONS FACEBOOK GROUP01/24/20 5:00 pm 
      NOOKIEOIL IS LOW01/09/20 6:15 pm 
      WeaponXCongratulations, Superman01/08/20 10:21 pm 
      NOOKIEbetter item01/07/20 8:14 pm 
      NOOKIEionic blaster01/03/20 5:53 pm 
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