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 Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Are there any hotkeys?
A: You can use the arrow keys to navigate the map

Q: Where can I find the first few shops?
A: Every beginner store can be found by navigating the second street out from the Altar and by looking at your Map

Q: Where do I find spells?
A: There is a shop to the west of the Altar, and a hidden one outside of town

Q: What should I focus in?
A: That depends on if you want a melee character or a spellcaster. Either way, moderately increase HP while focusing on your preferred attack method

Q: What are level points?
A: These are what you use to train your character as you see fit. They are spent at Altars throughout the world on HP, MP, and Fatigue.

Q: What is the deal with the P2P markets?
A: Here, characters can sell items for a profit, or to assist other players with finding items. Check in often for rarities. They are located near the center of town.

Q: Where do I recover fatigue points and/or mana?
A: In the altar.

Q: Is there PvP fighting?
A: At the moment, there is no PvP in WaR2.

 First 10 Monsters
Rat: The common Rat will be your first opponent. Watch out for the Mutant Rat and the Rat Lord, as they have been known to kill lower levelled opponents. You can also sell the sharp teeth you pick up for a small profit. Located one square south of the Altar

Stray Cat: Almost not worth mentioning, the Stray Cat fills the gap between the Rats and the Pickpocket. With the addition of the randomizer on the Rats, it's not really worth fighting this monster. Located three squares west of the Altar

Pick Pocket: The Pick Pocket can be a good grind, but it becomes much easier when you can kill him in 1-2 hits. Drops his Filthy Rags, which can be a cheap upgrade or a small amount of money. Located three squares north of the Altar

Zombie: The Zombie is a monster also not often fought. The simple reason is that the Drunken Peasant is only a little bit harder. Located six squares south of the Altar

Skeletal Rat: Another creature that just makes me mad. The Skeletal Rat is located ridiculously far from town (in the crypt) and it drops ZERO gold.

Drunken Peasant: One of my favourite low-level grinds. The Drunken Peasant drops his Broken Bar Stool, which sells for a decent price. Additionally, he's relatively easy, considering his experience rate. Located five squares east and three squares south of the Altar

City Patroller: An equal match for the Drunken Peasant, The City Patroller drops more gold at the cost of experience. Located six squares east of the Altar

Drifter: Another fun grind! The Drifter drops a Steel Longblade, which is a very good weapon for lower-levelled characters. The Ghoul located in the graveyard gives the same experience and gold, with no drop. Located eight squares west of the Altar

Ruffian:  The Ruffian drops his Wooden Bat, which has a higher minimum damage than the Steel Longblade, but a lower maximum. He has a higher rate of experience and gold, but he's also harder to fight. Located five squares west and six squares north from the Altar

Lost Nobleman: This is the first true money farm in this game. Add in the new Servant and Enraged Nobleman variations, and you've got a fun grind. Top that off with rumors of crazy drops, and you've got a fun night ahead of you. Located two squares east and seven squares south of the Altar

Note: If you're having problems finding monsters, search your map. There are plenty more monsters and drops. I encourage you to find them all yourself, as this list is for starting characters. Check back for frequent updates as the game evolves.
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