Hello everybody, I am Jäger. I am a player from the beginning. In saga I I
was known as Panther and you might remember me as the co-leader of
a small clan known as the Elite Protoss Legion. After NetNexus went
down and came back up in Saga II and anged my name to LiveWire
and then became the co-leader of the re-incarnation of EPL - Net Battlers.
Now back in Saga III, NB is no longer opperating and will
probably not operate for a looooooong while as both Trydent (the
other co-leader) and I do not have time to maintain a clan.
For now, I am a member of Mythological Age. Who knows, maybe one day
I will make Deity and then resurrect the clan.
Until then,

My Stats:
Emperor Jäger [*MA*] «Libra Knight»
Credits $0.00
Bank $27392243.00
Health 34550/34550
Weapon Level 3 Psi Enhancer
Armor Seige Tank Armor
Exp. 1339148436/9999999999