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Instructions for making your game compatible with the "Other Games" section of netnexus:

A) The game must automatically create netnexus user's accounts, and also automatically log them in.

  • You provide a URL for us, and when we send visitors, we include a unique code. The code will be passed in the query string, as the parameter "authCode".
  • You should then query the netnexus server for information regarding the code. This is done by passing the authCode to our server: http://www.netnexus.com/nnremote/verify.php?authCode=...
  • Using the information returned by the server, you can create an account for the user, or allow them to link their NN account with an existing account.

B) The game must provide a URL which netnexus can access to see how many players are currently in the game.

  • You provide us with a URL which only prints "playercount=nnn" (replace "nnn" with the number of players currently in the game).
  • The netnexus server will query the URL every 5-10 minutes and update our page with the appropriate information.

The following is an example of the information provided to your server by the netnexus server:
200 Ok
servertime=2004-10-01 14:15:54
 Useful Files
The following files may prove useful in setting up your server to work with netnexus (be sure to change the extension from "phps" to "php" when using):
  • nn_remote_demo.php - This file is a stub (partially implemented) version of a script which you could use to receieve visitors from netnexus.
  • nn_remote_demo_count.php - This file is a stub version of a script which you can use to allow the netnexus server to see how many players you have in your game.
  • nn_remote_lib.php - This file is a library required by the other scripts listed on this page.
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