Terran Legacy FAQ

I decided that TL has needed a FAQ for long enough.. So here it is! Any additions you'd like to see can be emailed to me at tom@netnexus.com

Table of contents

How do I play?

The "meat" of TL is its fighting. You can fight monsters in the wastelands, or other marines in the MP arena. You have to be a commander before you can enter the MP arena.

Can you explain custom weapons and armor?

Custom weapons and armor can be renamed by the person who owns them. To get a custom, you must be a netnexus VIP (for a small monthly fee). The weapons and armor are slightly better than the best armor and weapons available to all other players.

I'm a VIP, how do I get my customs?

  • Click on the "change your info online" link and login with your TL username and password.
  • Towards the bottom there is a section entitled "Netnexus account information"; Enter your netnexus username and password and hit "save".
  • You should see two boxes labeled "Custom Weapon" and "Custom Armor"; Name your weapons and armor here, and your character will automatically be equiped with the customs you specified.

How do I use colors in my name?

Colors are only available to VIP members at this time. Changing colors and fonts is similar to using HTML. The codes are not case sensitive. Any tags open at the end of your name will be automatically closed. The following codes are accepted by Terran Legacy:
  • [C=color] = Changes the color to "color".
  • [F=font] = Sets the font. Available fonts are whatever you have installed on your system.
  • [B] = Makes text bold.
  • [E] = Ends any of the other tags.



What are items?

Items when equipped, will provide benefits and mods to your character. They can be found in the wasteland when you are searching for monsters to fight.

Are items available only to VIPs?


What items are there?

There are too many items to list here.

Anymore questions?

If you have any questions that you need answered, and they're not on this list or answered in the forums, just email me!

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