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There are 89 active marines

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Most Experienced
11,544,578,992,924Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
21,431,290,480,922Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3524,182,627,128Diety ZERO
4468,379,556,304Diety VERTIGO
5161,154,852,942Diety Earl Swagger
6142,953,118,020Diety -Dark DEATH-
7140,139,626,410Diety loamigad {sdd}
8129,147,566,862Diety pucao
9128,552,492,234Diety BABBLE [HR]
1099,488,727,558Diety Hyperlisk
1178,786,849,314Lesser Deity Heav3n
1273,219,022,830Lesser Deity zZdySfunCtZz
1362,349,544,206Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1455,192,564,584Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1549,421,631,256Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1627,295,805,356Prince akira2009
1723,197,284,590Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
187,403,595,682General Jaalaa
196,756,965,678Lieutenant General Zelphix
206,174,698,532Major Joltfire
216,139,072,600Lieutenant General ONE
224,445,801,782Sergeant martin
233,589,787,076Brigadier General Night Stalker
242,202,745,500Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
251,931,874,826Lieutenant Colonel LoveBoobs ~~DBA~~

$ Richest $
1$5,747,939,933Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$1,565,323,116Diety -Dark DEATH-
3$1,513,780,604Diety ZERO
4$1,419,341,514Diety pucao
5$915,238,181Lesser Deity Heav3n
6$727,000,000Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
7$703,693,974Diety loamigad {sdd}
8$525,729,402Lesser Deity Nexuryon
9$520,762,118Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
10$382,709,851Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
11$288,199,036Lesser Deity zZdySfunCtZz
12$266,878,402Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
13$175,722,510Diety Hyperlisk
14$153,087,552Sergeant martin
15$142,888,941Diety VERTIGO
16$84,725,550Major Joltfire
17$83,963,953Lieutenant General Zelphix
18$71,804,332Diety Earl Swagger
19$58,134,088Prince akira2009
20$38,158,703General Jaalaa
21$22,329,066Lieutenant General ONE
22$21,712,940Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
23$14,413,832Brigadier General Night Stalker
24$10,251,237Lieutenant Colonel pucao1
25$8,660,447Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Extreme

Most Kills
1618,454Sergeant martin
2534,603Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3521,725Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
4267,267Diety ZERO
5256,750Diety VERTIGO
6241,000Diety Earl Swagger
7158,799Diety -Dark DEATH-
8113,799Diety loamigad {sdd}
9113,062Diety pucao
10108,750Diety BABBLE [HR]
11100,223Diety Hyperlisk
1284,749Lesser Deity Heav3n
1379,036Lesser Deity zZdySfunCtZz
1472,063Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1566,300Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1664,535Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1743,620Prince akira2009
1840,187Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1937,025Major Joltfire
2023,427Lieutenant General Zelphix
2120,295General Jaalaa
2218,500Lieutenant General ONE
2317,800Brigadier General Night Stalker
2411,500Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
2511,161Lieutenant Colonel LoveBoobs ~~DBA~~

Most MP Kills
1264Diety VERTIGO
2117Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
362Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
449Lesser Deity zZdySfunCtZz
546Diety BABBLE [HR]
632Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
730Diety -Dark DEATH-
821Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
917Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
108Diety ZERO
115Commander fruitcake
125Master Sergeant Waffles
133Lieutenant General Zelphix
143Lieutenant General ONE
152Brigadier General Night Stalker
162Major TWO
172Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Extreme
181Commander Night Stalker Assassin
191Commander DannyFO
201Diety loamigad {sdd}
210Specialist notwade
220Corpral Rollah
230Private BlueToothpaste
240Recruit raven
250Recruit Kirito

Marines listed as active have played since 2018-03-26