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There are 90 active marines

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Most Experienced
11,874,623,417,200Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
21,544,578,992,924Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
31,410,225,252,000Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
4572,219,833,176Diety ZERO
5468,379,556,304Diety VERTIGO
6181,444,434,670Diety Earl Swagger
7142,953,118,020Diety -Dark DEATH-
8140,139,626,410Diety loamigad {sdd}
9128,552,492,234Diety BABBLE [HR]
1081,366,923,912Lesser Deity NOOKIE
1179,199,290,514Lesser Deity Heav3n
1267,004,534,006Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1355,192,564,584Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1427,295,805,356Prince akira2009
1519,605,489,012Admiral Helli0n
1611,306,007,592Commodore ONE
177,403,595,682General Jaalaa
186,756,965,678Lieutenant General Zelphix
195,591,099,312Lieutenant General Night Stalker
204,445,801,782Sergeant martin
213,449,996,670Colonel Night Stalker Extreme
223,419,085,952Colonel Esphyon
233,418,434,820Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
242,202,745,500Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
251,535,595,370Lieutenant Colonel TWO

$ Richest $
1$7,376,156,661Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$4,536,095,381Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
3$1,565,323,116Diety -Dark DEATH-
4$920,324,666Lesser Deity Heav3n
5$727,000,000Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
6$703,693,974Diety loamigad {sdd}
7$581,957,440Lesser Deity Nexuryon
8$520,762,118Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
9$376,532,534Lesser Deity NOOKIE
10$268,287,761Diety ZERO
11$264,191,114Admiral Helli0n
12$227,242,143Diety Earl Swagger
13$153,087,552Sergeant martin
14$142,888,941Diety VERTIGO
15$86,122,701Commodore ONE
16$83,963,953Lieutenant General Zelphix
17$58,134,088Prince akira2009
18$43,257,827Colonel Esphyon
19$41,362,164Lieutenant General Night Stalker
20$38,158,703General Jaalaa
21$35,733,332Colonel Night Stalker Extreme
22$31,557,704Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
23$21,712,940Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
24$8,508,693Lieutenant Colonel TWO
25$7,516,378Major Night Stalker Assassin

Most Kills
1618,454Sergeant martin
2616,922Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3521,725Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
4515,005Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
5286,000Diety ZERO
6256,750Diety VERTIGO
7249,450Diety Earl Swagger
8158,799Diety -Dark DEATH-
9113,799Diety loamigad {sdd}
10108,750Diety BABBLE [HR]
1185,233Lesser Deity NOOKIE
1285,034Lesser Deity Heav3n
1375,292Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1466,300Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1543,620Prince akira2009
1635,777Admiral Helli0n
1725,500Commodore ONE
1823,427Lieutenant General Zelphix
1922,000Lieutenant General Night Stalker
2020,295General Jaalaa
2112,873Colonel Esphyon
2212,558Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
2312,105Colonel Night Stalker Extreme
2411,500Lieutenant Colonel Shobo PeaceMakerS
256,606Lieutenant Colonel TWO

Most MP Kills
1264Diety VERTIGO
2162Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3141Lesser Deity NOOKIE
484Lieutenant MACBETH
562Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
660Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
746Diety BABBLE [HR]
830Diety -Dark DEATH-
917Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1017Admiral Helli0n
118Diety ZERO
125Commodore ONE
133Lieutenant General Night Stalker
143Lieutenant General Zelphix
152Lieutenant Colonel TWO
162Major Night Stalker Assassin
172Colonel Night Stalker Extreme
181Captain Sin
191Commander DannyFO
201Diety loamigad {sdd}
211Captain Test
220Private First Class DaFoxtrot
230Recruit IcEbOwZ
240Master Sergeant killking
250Private First Class Dystopia

Marines listed as active have played since 2018-05-16