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There are 115 active marines

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Most Experienced
12,323,109,297,430Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
21,550,432,581,584Supreme Cosmic Force Drakeā„¢
3653,447,436,538Diety ZERO
4426,565,695,312Diety SLAMBONIE[HR]LEADER
5396,269,543,840Lesser Deity Darkļ
6320,768,552,486Diety Earl Swagger
7283,253,646,592Diety Requiem Ā®
8183,270,528,138Diety NOOKIE
9107,367,050,250Diety asdfasdf
10105,715,567,404Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
1180,714,392,554Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
1279,812,003,406Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1349,421,631,256Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1428,775,758,900Prince Dragonwing
1527,918,371,104Prince akira2009
1624,066,991,274Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1719,742,981,684Admiral FakeSamaritan
1812,215,729,404Commodore Tina =GoW=
197,447,190,814General Night Stalker
205,767,794,504Lieutenant General zxcvzxcv
214,586,015,696Major General Night Stalker Extreme
223,626,839,142Brigadier General TWO
233,437,836,580Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
243,061,126,638Colonel P33W33
252,088,049,890Lieutenant Colonel SLAMBONIE

$ Richest $
1$9,535,130,327Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$1,274,891,925Diety Earl Swagger
3$1,187,719,238Diety asdfasdf
4$1,135,440,861Diety NOOKIE
5$1,090,900,818Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
6$866,291,320Diety ZERO
7$540,905,410Supreme Cosmic Force Drakeā„¢
8$382,709,851Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
9$278,641,392Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
10$200,742,961Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
11$194,188,552Lesser Deity Darkļ
12$164,395,846Lesser Deity Nexuryon
13$141,733,437Major Elucifer
14$139,787,318Lieutenant Colonel SLAMBONIE
15$117,345,180Prince Dragonwing
16$106,346,389Commodore Tina =GoW=
17$91,608,564Lieutenant General zxcvzxcv
18$87,655,908Admiral FakeSamaritan
19$67,006,528General Night Stalker
20$66,418,684Prince akira2009
21$53,167,552Diety Requiem Ā®
22$50,260,738Major General Night Stalker Extreme
23$40,920,721Brigadier General TWO
24$40,365,151Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
25$20,380,088Diety SLAMBONIE[HR]LEADER

Most Kills
1700,399Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2522,797Supreme Cosmic Force Drakeā„¢
3318,500Diety ZERO
4306,400Diety Earl Swagger
5303,750Lesser Deity Darkļ
7171,412Diety Requiem Ā®
8132,108Diety NOOKIE
9105,985Diety asdfasdf
1098,661Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
1188,130Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
1284,247Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1364,535Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1445,827Admiral FakeSamaritan
1545,001Prince Dragonwing
1644,185Prince akira2009
1741,137Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1830,667Commodore Tina =GoW=
1925,000General Night Stalker
2019,261Lieutenant General zxcvzxcv
2114,700Major General Night Stalker Extreme
2213,673Colonel P33W33
2312,583Captain Drake
2412,500Brigadier General TWO
2512,001Colonel Night Stalker Assassin

Most MP Kills
1250Diety ZERO
2234Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3203Lesser Deity Darkļ
4142Diety NOOKIE
591Diety Requiem Ā®
684Lieutenant MACBETH
762Supreme Cosmic Force Drakeā„¢
858Lieutenant Colonel WeaponX [CLASSIC]
945Commodore Tina =GoW=
1036Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
1132Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1221Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1410Prince Dragonwing
159Commander Drake
166Lieutenant Colonel SLAMBONIE
175Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
185Brigadier General TWO
195Major General Night Stalker Extreme
205General Night Stalker
213Lieutenant Colonel CW
222Captain DeadSpace.v1
232Major Ruined
242Major DrakeĀ®
252Major 2inchHardā˜†ā˜†

Marines listed as active have played since 2019-10-28