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There are 116 active marines

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Most Experienced
12,104,739,854,524Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
21,544,578,992,924Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
31,410,225,252,000Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
41,011,378,089,610Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
5593,949,475,708Diety ZERO
6181,444,434,670Diety Earl Swagger
7102,056,717,554Diety Sibulus
888,325,159,462Lesser Deity NOOKIE
979,335,925,014Lesser Deity Heav3n
1067,004,534,006Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1127,322,411,342Prince akira2009
1227,293,595,788Admiral Esphyon
1327,125,706,148Prince Dragonwing
1419,690,181,116Admiral Cloud_1088
1519,605,489,012Admiral Helli0n
167,172,572,694General Night Stalker
176,180,956,056Major Joltfire
184,445,801,782Sergeant martin
194,024,045,136Brigadier General Night Stalker Extreme
203,418,434,820Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
213,054,870,290Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
222,743,289,870Colonel TWO
232,576,482,868Colonel That.Guy
242,321,948,980Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
251,428,800,596Lieutenant Colonel the other guy

$ Richest $
1$8,727,136,070Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$6,810,919,173Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
3$4,536,095,381Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
4$1,044,121,823Diety Sibulus
5$922,022,536Lesser Deity Heav3n
6$598,828,350Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
7$520,762,118Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
8$462,242,811Lesser Deity NOOKIE
9$433,996,806Diety ZERO
10$371,096,957Admiral Esphyon
11$264,191,114Admiral Helli0n
12$227,242,143Diety Earl Swagger
13$153,087,552Sergeant martin
14$135,942,232Admiral Cloud_1088
15$96,465,499Prince Dragonwing
16$84,857,491Major Joltfire
17$62,749,529General Night Stalker
18$58,545,185Prince akira2009
19$43,681,797Brigadier General Night Stalker Extreme
20$31,557,704Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
21$28,028,392Colonel TWO
22$21,453,954Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
23$18,977,717Colonel That.Guy
24$9,065,909Sergeant Drahalian
25$7,682,868Captain EndyMion

Most Kills
1759,572Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
2659,656Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3618,454Sergeant martin
4521,725Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
5515,005Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
6295,000Diety ZERO
7249,450Diety Earl Swagger
8133,152Diety Sibulus
990,050Lesser Deity NOOKIE
1085,129Lesser Deity Heav3n
1175,292Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1243,788Admiral Esphyon
1343,648Prince akira2009
1443,500Prince Dragonwing
1537,050Major Joltfire
1636,475Admiral Cloud_1088
1735,777Admiral Helli0n
1828,054Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
1924,600General Night Stalker
2013,500Brigadier General Night Stalker Extreme
2112,558Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
2210,230Colonel That.Guy
2310,000Colonel TWO
248,800Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
258,362Lieutenant Colonel akira1984

Most MP Kills
1326Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
2162Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3141Lesser Deity NOOKIE
484Lieutenant MACBETH
562Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
660Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
725Diety ZERO
817Admiral Helli0n
96Prince Dragonwing
104General Night Stalker
113Captain LimRuiAn
123Brigadier General Night Stalker Extreme
133Commander RuiAn
142Major 2inchHard☆☆
152Major TGC1D*final*act*
162Colonel TWO
172Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
181Captain Sin
191Major Test
201Commander DannyFO
211Commander L0wk3y
221Admiral Cloud_1088
231Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
240Warrant Officer Moshe de Leon
250Specialist jonthepyro

Marines listed as active have played since 2018-07-25