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There are 92 active marines

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Most Experienced
1632,523,287,266Diety ZERO
2480,198,824,308Diety VERTIGO
3327,633,055,198Diety DCGohan
4317,546,813,162Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
5307,234,007,188Diety Seb_defender
6305,735,121,134Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
7224,676,231,642Diety Earl Swagger
8150,577,833,226Diety pucao
9140,571,242,634Diety loamigad {sdd}
10128,641,376,822Diety BABBLE [HR]
11107,842,897,120Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
12104,648,939,690Diety NOOKIE
13100,023,890,816Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
1480,714,392,554Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
1579,540,966,764Lesser Deity Heav3n
1662,539,988,726Lesser Deity England II
1755,485,797,384Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1849,421,631,256Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1928,163,499,130Prince Dragonwing
2012,547,420,096Major General Level 9 Overmind
217,485,613,276Major General Kazernath
227,447,190,814General Night Stalker
234,490,145,644Major General Night Stalker Extreme
243,640,203,570Brigadier General DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
253,626,839,142Brigadier General TWO

$ Richest $
1$1,599,364,801Diety DCGohan
2$1,580,758,106Diety pucao
3$1,112,084,955Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
4$1,090,900,818Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
5$924,471,429Lesser Deity Heav3n
6$730,555,555Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
7$711,134,734Diety ZERO
8$706,640,759Diety loamigad {sdd}
9$637,451,932Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
10$579,169,156Diety NOOKIE
11$550,082,843Diety Earl Swagger
12$382,709,851Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
13$263,100,838Lesser Deity England II
14$233,786,783Diety VERTIGO
15$175,161,785Major General Level 9 Overmind
16$158,095,328Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
17$141,733,437Major Elucifer
18$116,745,478Major General Kazernath
19$109,400,000Prince Dragonwing
20$67,006,528General Night Stalker
21$48,596,974Major General Night Stalker Extreme
22$40,920,721Brigadier General TWO
23$40,363,560Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
24$39,251,096Captain zilchx
25$33,446,691Brigadier General DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~

Most Kills
1310,000Diety ZERO
2267,000Diety Earl Swagger
3261,625Diety VERTIGO
4243,310Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
5207,000Diety DCGohan
6194,218Diety Seb_defender
7186,074Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
8121,961Diety pucao
9113,989Diety loamigad {sdd}
10108,800Diety BABBLE [HR]
11101,189Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
1299,237Diety NOOKIE
1396,312Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
1488,130Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo
1585,266Lesser Deity Heav3n
1671,766Lesser Deity England II
1766,500Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1864,535Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1944,444Prince Dragonwing
2035,033Major General Level 9 Overmind
2128,051Major General Kazernath
2225,000General Night Stalker
2318,600Lieutenant Colonel FakeSamaritan
2418,320Captain zilchx
2514,500Major General Night Stalker Extreme

Most MP Kills
1348Diety VERTIGO
2205Diety ZERO
3142Diety NOOKIE
4120Diety Seb_defender
584Lieutenant MACBETH
658Lieutenant Colonel WeaponX [CLASSIC]
746Diety BABBLE [HR]
836Diety WeaponX [CLASSIC]
932Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1028Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
1122Lesser Deity England II
1222Major Nuada [TLT]
1317Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1410Prince Dragonwing
158Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
167Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
175Brigadier General TWO
185Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
195Major General Night Stalker Extreme
205General Night Stalker
214Captain zilchx
223Lieutenant Colonel CW
232Diety DCGohan
241Diety loamigad {sdd}
250Lesser Deity Ruiiz Lorenzo

Marines listed as active have played since 2019-02-25