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There are 92 active marines

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Most Experienced
12,127,161,705,304Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
21,035,151,116,570Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
3607,726,639,212Diety ZERO
4470,380,974,008Diety VERTIGO
5195,985,173,602Diety <3
6140,364,529,530Diety loamigad {sdd}
7133,458,188,710Diety pucao
8131,274,375,258Diety <3
998,862,411,550Diety <3
1093,008,025,022Lesser Deity DEMON
1167,326,812,656Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1249,421,631,256Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1335,751,321,462Emperor ~=EcToMoRpH=~
1431,479,747,916Prince SOLOMON GRUNDY
1528,163,499,130Prince Dragonwing
1627,650,307,070Prince akira2009
179,007,708,372General Tina =GoW=
187,447,190,814General Night Stalker
196,291,347,288Major Joltfire
204,490,145,644Major General Night Stalker Extreme
213,626,839,142Brigadier General TWO
223,466,868,068Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
233,266,545,380Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
242,689,187,846Colonel Jessie
251,416,315,386Lieutenant Colonel akira1984

$ Richest $
1$8,809,893,774Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$6,904,254,101Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
3$3,297,705,835Diety <3
4$1,451,640,425Diety pucao
5$705,327,678Diety loamigad {sdd}
6$537,972,388Diety ZERO
7$382,709,851Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
8$314,423,957Lesser Deity DEMON
9$224,818,714Prince SOLOMON GRUNDY
10$166,664,557Emperor ~=EcToMoRpH=~
11$158,823,736Diety VERTIGO
12$109,400,001Prince Dragonwing
13$87,140,214Major Joltfire
14$67,006,528General Night Stalker
15$62,838,873Prince akira2009
16$50,287,348General Tina =GoW=
17$48,596,974Major General Night Stalker Extreme
18$45,547,203Diety <3
19$40,920,721Brigadier General TWO
20$37,114,440Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
21$32,445,748Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
22$15,397,594Major haracter Nam
23$10,465,400Lieutenant Colonel pucao1
24$10,446,025Lesser Deity Nexuryon
25$9,686,013Colonel Jessie

Most Kills
1764,076Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
2663,794Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3300,600Diety ZERO
4257,575Diety VERTIGO
5160,010Diety <3
6118,038Diety <3
7114,888Diety pucao
8113,888Diety loamigad {sdd}
996,853Diety <3
1092,664Lesser Deity DEMON
1175,513Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1264,535Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1352,666Emperor ~=EcToMoRpH=~
1446,786Prince SOLOMON GRUNDY
1544,444Prince Dragonwing
1643,941Prince akira2009
1737,500Major Joltfire
1826,560General Tina =GoW=
1925,000General Night Stalker
2018,021Major haracter Nam
2115,883Colonel Jessie
2214,500Major General Night Stalker Extreme
2314,316Recruit YDk
2412,698Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
2512,500Brigadier General TWO

Most MP Kills
1298Diety VERTIGO
2165Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
3111Lesser Deity DEMON
4100Diety ZERO
645General Tina =GoW=
732Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
810Prince Dragonwing
95General Night Stalker
105Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
115Diety <3
125Brigadier General TWO
135Major General Night Stalker Extreme
143Lieutenant Colonel CW
152Major haracter Nam
161Diety loamigad {sdd}
171Emperor ~=EcToMoRpH=~
181Commander Tina =GoW=
191Supreme Cosmic Force Romero126
200Private First Class deez
210Specialist BARITEAU
220Warrant Officer Variador
230Recruit wedgie
240Recruit YDk
250Specialist Metgath Mentric

Marines listed as active have played since 2018-10-21