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There are 133 active marines

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Most Experienced
12,327,312,263,872Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2659,977,483,646Deity ZERO
3480,638,363,876Deity VERTIGO
4444,156,985,990Deity CM
5427,977,242,800Deity SLAMBONIE[HR]LEADER
6348,579,798,012Deity Seb_defender
7335,786,481,734Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
8321,186,736,278Deity Earl Swagger
9183,505,725,786Deity Esphyon
10159,608,193,946Deity A S H -WT-
11109,246,104,554Deity CM2
1280,954,542,014Lesser Deity Heav3n
1380,208,207,356Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1456,575,797,156Lesser Deity Ƶorathar §alazar
1555,485,797,384Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1651,327,184,370Lesser Deity Helli0n
1731,695,158,050Prince FakeSamaritan
1828,775,758,900Prince ONE
1923,255,049,412Admiral Cloud_1088
208,590,243,856General 2pac [Classic]
217,447,190,814General Night Stalker
225,603,838,614Lieutenant General Helli0nn
235,500,316,874Major General ShadowPro
245,345,314,494Major General Slambonie[HR]Leader
254,586,015,696Major General Night Stalker Extreme

$ Richest $
1$9,551,537,335Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$1,397,430,888Deity A S H -WT-
3$1,285,743,268Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
4$1,277,762,621Deity Earl Swagger
5$1,246,556,076Deity CM2
6$1,227,636,891Deity CM
7$941,918,051Lesser Deity Heav3n
8$913,350,455Deity ZERO
9$730,555,555Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
10$629,243,286Lesser Deity Helli0n
11$474,711,502Lesser Deity Ƶorathar §alazar
12$292,050,968Prince TheSource
13$255,856,629Prince FakeSamaritan
14$237,000,912Deity VERTIGO
15$185,110,889Admiral Cloud_1088
16$169,632,088Major General Slambonie[HR]Leader
17$169,161,785Lesser Deity Nexuryon
18$130,395,710Lieutenant Colonel SLAMBONIE
19$117,172,590Prince ONE
20$97,664,510General 2pac [Classic]
21$77,271,829Major General ShadowPro
22$67,006,528General Night Stalker
23$65,000,001Lieutenant General Helli0nn
24$50,260,738Major General Night Stalker Extreme
25$46,422,680Deity Esphyon

Most Kills
1701,220Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2321,000Deity ZERO
3306,556Deity Earl Swagger
4264,237Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
5261,800Deity VERTIGO
6245,005Deity CM
8211,111Deity Seb_defender
9132,029Deity Esphyon
10122,943Deity A S H -WT-
11100,000Deity CM2
1286,249Lesser Deity Heav3n
1384,515Lesser Deity Nexuryon
1467,713Lesser Deity Ƶorathar §alazar
1567,200Lesser Deity Helli0n
1666,500Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1758,000Prince FakeSamaritan
1845,001Prince ONE
1940,354Admiral Cloud_1088
2025,000General Night Stalker
2122,337General 2pac [Classic]
2219,319Major General ShadowPro
2316,878Major General Slambonie[HR]Leader
2416,850Lieutenant General Helli0nn
2514,700Major General Night Stalker Extreme

Most MP Kills
11,000Lesser Deity Helli0n
2348Deity VERTIGO
3252Deity ZERO
4237Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
5236Lesser Deity Ƶorathar §alazar
6120Deity Seb_defender
758Lieutenant Colonel WeaponX [CLASSIC]
829Captain WooPyWooP
917Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1011Deity CM
1210Prince ONE
139Commander FireStarter
148Lesser Deity Seb's Killer
156Lieutenant Colonel SLAMBONIE
166Major General Slambonie[HR]Leader
175General Night Stalker
185Colonel Night Stalker Assassin
195Brigadier General TWO
205Major General Night Stalker Extreme
214Lieutenant Colonel Rad1an
224Lieutenant Colonel Jambonpic
233Prince FakeSamaritan
243Lieutenant Colonel CW
253General 2pac [Classic]

Marines listed as active have played since 2020-04-08