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There are 106 active marines

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Most Experienced
11,544,066,614,086Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
2467,082,458,684Diety VERTIGO
3222,438,033,796Diety ZERO
4138,804,414,402Diety loamigad {sdd}
5128,552,492,234Diety BABBLE [HR]
6104,886,805,506Diety pucao
7100,916,550,740Lesser Deity Earl Swagger
878,098,262,164Lesser Deity Heav3n
976,737,855,012Lesser Deity NOOKIE
1055,035,691,034Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1149,367,798,106Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1223,833,015,742Admiral Romero126
1313,445,413,018Commodore Jhin
1412,932,144,776Commodore Troy
1511,934,213,844Major General Level 9 Overmind
166,168,032,432Major Joltfire
174,937,477,768Major General Night Terror
184,390,785,572Major General ONE
194,143,315,214Sergeant martin
203,016,356,816Colonel stn9063
212,945,233,310Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
222,688,982,598Colonel Jessie
232,504,547,670Colonel Night Stalker
241,402,482,856Lieutenant Colonel the other guy
251,297,339,604Captain okbiz

$ Richest $
1$2,069,342,168Diety ZERO
2$1,244,557,930Lesser Deity Earl Swagger
3$1,234,466,200Diety pucao
4$906,430,438Lesser Deity Heav3n
5$725,400,000Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
6$695,536,537Diety loamigad {sdd}
7$597,119,065Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
8$518,937,631Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
9$382,085,704Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
10$339,056,032Admiral Romero126
11$328,918,371Lesser Deity NOOKIE
12$206,159,320Major General Night Terror
13$169,920,410Major General Level 9 Overmind
14$163,520,622Commodore Troy
15$155,855,134Sergeant martin
16$135,221,467Diety VERTIGO
17$128,187,503Commodore Jhin
18$84,602,951Major Joltfire
19$47,657,437Commander Skully [TLT]
20$42,901,385Major General ONE
21$26,752,689Colonel stn9063
22$24,864,287Colonel Night Stalker
23$20,573,906Lieutenant Colonel Rammus
24$18,185,918Captain okbiz
25$9,679,690Colonel Jessie

Most Kills
1590,656Sergeant martin
2521,637Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
3256,218Diety VERTIGO
4215,000Lesser Deity Earl Swagger
5146,011Diety ZERO
6113,262Diety loamigad {sdd}
7108,750Diety BABBLE [HR]
8102,825Diety pucao
984,255Lesser Deity Heav3n
1082,002Lesser Deity NOOKIE
1166,200Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1264,500Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1343,605Admiral Romero126
1437,002Major Joltfire
1533,790Major General Level 9 Overmind
1629,990Commodore Jhin
1728,354Commodore Troy
1827,748Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
1916,345Major General Night Terror
2015,882Colonel Jessie
2115,200Major General ONE
2214,800Colonel Night Stalker
2314,774Captain okbiz
2413,513Colonel stn9063
258,038Lieutenant Colonel P33W33

Most MP Kills
1326Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
2264Diety VERTIGO
3141Lesser Deity NOOKIE
4117Commander Skully [TLT]
562Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
646Diety BABBLE [HR]
732Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
822Corpral Magical [TLT]
917Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1011Major General Night Terror
114Diety ZERO
123Commander RuiAn
133Captain LimRuiAn
142Captain TWO
152Major Night Stalker Extreme
162Captain Th3LastP33W33
172Major 2inchHard☆☆
182Captain TGC1D*final*act*
192Colonel Night Stalker
202Major General ONE
211Commander L0wk3y
221Admiral Romero126
231Captain Thund3rG0dc2 (afk)
241Diety loamigad {sdd}
250Specialist Abigail

Marines listed as active have played since 2017-09-15