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There are 111 active marines

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Most Experienced
12,446,715,174,952Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
21,605,957,269,964Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
3835,961,561,802Deity lee chin wah
4727,172,272,990Deity Piggyrex [SG Rōnin]
5421,687,388,496Deity krystal
6405,662,491,590Lesser Deity Dark
7267,557,137,766Deity NOOKIE
8262,275,255,482Deity A S H -WT-
9181,215,359,634Deity BABBLE [HR]
10161,468,945,760Deity FireStorm
11104,696,928,414Deity Beleth1
1286,062,120,106Lesser Deity Nemsk
1374,032,459,806Lesser Deity akira2009
1466,889,312,740Lesser Deity Slayer of Forum Trolls
1552,211,150,920Lesser Deity Helli0n
1639,824,095,724Emperor Komrade [GRIM]
1735,560,149,362Emperor caltech
1832,480,866,314Prince ShadowLin
199,552,501,244Commodore EtherealX
207,728,834,596General tonyg21
217,319,578,894General Keyboard Warrior FakeAgent
227,304,677,408General neoakira1716
236,756,965,678Lieutenant General Zelphix
245,948,570,532Lieutenant General P33W33MLG
255,603,838,614Lieutenant General Helli0nn

$ Richest $
1$10,798,068,914Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2$10,191,187,963Deity lee chin wah
3$5,079,654,374Deity krystal
4$4,106,341,827Deity Piggyrex [SG Rōnin]
5$2,251,692,838Deity A S H -WT-
6$1,517,632,809Deity NOOKIE
7$1,017,639,683Deity Beleth1
8$940,669,970Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
9$640,370,774Lesser Deity Helli0n
10$614,449,144Lesser Deity akira2009
11$608,767,319Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
12$474,711,041Deity BABBLE [HR]
13$448,666,509Emperor Komrade [GRIM]
14$285,218,449Emperor caltech
15$240,185,000Prince ShadowLin
16$206,159,320Major General Night Terror
17$164,660,106General Keyboard Warrior FakeAgent
18$107,784,040Commodore EtherealX
19$83,963,953Lieutenant General Zelphix
20$82,701,407General neoakira1716
21$76,000,745General tonyg21
22$65,000,001Lieutenant General Helli0nn
23$63,976,763Lesser Deity Nemsk
24$59,216,837Major General CrackedSash
25$48,581,225Brigadier General Spawnner82

Most Kills
1750,012Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
2585,182Deity lee chin wah
3537,401Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
4513,518Deity Piggyrex [SG Rōnin]
5310,860Deity krystal
6310,350Lesser Deity Dark
7173,000Deity A S H -WT-
8172,932Deity NOOKIE
9134,305Deity BABBLE [HR]
10122,900Deity FireStorm
11113,465Deity Beleth1
1288,602Lesser Deity Nemsk
1379,524Lesser Deity akira2009
1474,047Lesser Deity Slayer of Forum Trolls
1567,800Lesser Deity Helli0n
1656,200Emperor Komrade [GRIM]
1753,935Emperor caltech
1850,745Prince ShadowLin
1934,590Commodore EtherealX
2029,944Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
2123,427Lieutenant General Zelphix
2221,364General tonyg21
2320,657General neoakira1716
2420,503General Keyboard Warrior FakeAgent
2520,089Lieutenant General P33W33MLG

Most MP Kills
11,000Lesser Deity Helli0n
2326Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
3237Supreme Cosmic Force -=Nemesis=-
4204Lesser Deity Dark
5145Deity NOOKIE
6145Deity FireStorm
763Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
846Deity BABBLE [HR]
933Deity Piggyrex [SG Rōnin]
1021Emperor Komrade [GRIM]
1120Lesser Deity Slayer of Forum Trolls
1211Major General Night Terror
139Lieutenant Colonel BABBLE
143Lieutenant General Zelphix
153Captain LimRuiAn
163Commander RuiAn
172Prince ShadowLin
182Major Drake®
191Commander slurp23
201Colonel P33W33Ω©
211Lieutenant Colonel Drago[-WT-] «×Co-£eader×»
221Captain Drake
231Commander DannyFO
241Deity A S H -WT-
250Corporal Josiah

Marines listed as active have played since 2021-10-19