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There are 113 active marines

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Most Experienced
11,544,060,319,144Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
21,409,560,234,764Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
3310,233,357,350Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
4128,552,492,234Diety BABBLE [HR]
5123,080,315,596Diety ZERO
6107,826,995,104Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
781,377,781,178Emperor Earl Swagger
878,066,371,964Lesser Deity Heav3n
969,281,925,880Lesser Deity DCGohan
1060,774,399,012Lesser Deity pucao
1155,035,691,034Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1214,924,001,610Commodore Romero126
1311,886,039,940Major General Level 9 Overmind
1410,063,978,636Commodore Troy
156,442,457,168Lieutenant General Silverman パイ!
166,141,592,480Major Joltfire
174,021,694,446Sergeant martin
183,639,006,940Brigadier General ONE
193,418,434,820Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
202,891,625,260Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
212,879,931,796Colonel BTKiller
221,760,249,980Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker
231,079,074,152Captain Jeff Edward
24980,682,666Captain okbiz
25824,321,574Commander smigerl

$ Richest $
1$4,601,509,927Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
2$1,747,598,254Lesser Deity DCGohan
3$1,353,745,717Diety ZERO
4$1,055,866,944Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
5$1,029,174,406Emperor Earl Swagger
6$906,037,289Lesser Deity Heav3n
7$767,277,591Lesser Deity pucao
8$725,400,000Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
9$596,475,594Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
10$518,876,054Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
11$215,809,084Commodore Romero126
12$169,054,592Major General Level 9 Overmind
13$149,937,319Sergeant martin
14$121,424,206Commodore Troy
15$92,673,161Lieutenant General Silverman パイ!
16$84,092,431Major Joltfire
17$47,657,437Commander Skully [TLT]
18$33,054,563Brigadier General ONE
19$31,557,704Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
20$30,939,068Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
21$13,516,710Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker
22$12,536,172Captain okbiz
23$10,621,082Captain Jeff Edward
24$7,785,566Colonel BTKiller
25$6,617,309Commander smigerl

Most Kills
1579,479Sergeant martin
2521,634Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
3514,877Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
4199,973Emperor Earl Swagger
5182,968Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
6108,750Diety BABBLE [HR]
7106,500Diety ZERO
8101,185Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
992,322Lesser Deity DCGohan
1084,233Lesser Deity Heav3n
1173,765Lesser Deity pucao
1266,200Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1336,901Major Joltfire
1433,686Major General Level 9 Overmind
1533,027Commodore Romero126
1627,596Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
1724,911Commodore Troy
1819,190Lieutenant General Silverman パイ!
1913,500Brigadier General ONE
2013,320Captain okbiz
2113,044Colonel BTKiller
2212,700Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker
2312,558Colonel DUNE COON~~D.B.A~~
248,077Captain Jeff Edward
257,076Commander smigerl

Most MP Kills
1326Lieutenant Colonel -Lim Rui An-
2117Commander Skully [TLT]
362Supreme Cosmic Force Drake™
460Supreme Cosmic Force DannyFo<×FX×>
546Diety BABBLE [HR]
628Diety ~~Jakzz~~ ~DBA~
717Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
87Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
95Colonel BTKiller
104Diety ZERO
113Captain LimRuiAn
123Commander RuiAn
132Lieutenant Colonel Night Stalker
142Captain Night Stalker Extreme
152Brigadier General ONE
162Commander TWO
171Captain Jeff Edward
181Warrant Officer AK47
191Captain shun gui
201Commodore Romero126
210Specialist SlayerX
220Corpral Undergore
230Recruit Nocturnal
240Corpral Decaproteus
250Specialist Snapt

Marines listed as active have played since 2017-07-24