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There are 87 active marines

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Most Experienced
1373,861,641,820Diety ZERO
2315,246,911,246Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
3156,728,340,618Diety Earl Swagger
4142,694,970,936Diety -Dark DEATH-
5138,804,414,402Diety loamigad {sdd}
678,101,094,264Lesser Deity Heav3n
762,525,444,726Lesser Deity England II
855,192,564,584Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
949,420,679,556Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1023,194,793,354Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1113,095,802,480Commodore Troy
124,869,630,824Major General ONE
134,419,564,406Sergeant martin
142,782,728,534Colonel Night Stalker
151,786,983,140Major Shobo PeaceMakerS
161,739,168,028Lieutenant Colonel Noah
171,264,765,076Lieutenant Colonel P33W33
181,242,596,244Lieutenant Colonel Leemanos
19814,765,228Major Night Stalker Extreme
20726,711,284Major Justin3002
21621,311,330Captain Mcfrench
22574,352,752Major Ratticus
23571,249,636Captain TGC1D*final*act*
24505,181,958Captain TWO
25318,895,546Captain Awoir

$ Richest $
1$1,564,114,541Diety -Dark DEATH-
2$1,094,723,175Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
3$906,483,818Lesser Deity Heav3n
4$727,000,000Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
5$695,536,537Diety loamigad {sdd}
6$400,014,452Diety ZERO
7$382,692,139Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
8$266,840,260Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
9$262,923,446Lesser Deity England II
10$166,012,681Commodore Troy
11$160,575,886Sergeant martin
12$35,931,107Diety Earl Swagger
13$16,853,905Major Shobo PeaceMakerS
14$12,305,225Lieutenant Colonel Noah
15$5,438,283Major General ONE
16$4,302,928Commander Xyfray
17$4,108,055Captain Awoir
18$4,006,590Corpral PatBeverly92
19$3,432,353Lieutenant Colonel Leemanos
20$3,000,264Major Night Stalker Extreme
21$2,546,234Colonel Night Stalker
22$1,784,946Commander Mintoi
23$1,564,348Captain maxime888
24$1,494,591Lieutenant Mqfrench
25$1,271,179Major Ratticus

Most Kills
1616,044Sergeant martin
2239,050Diety Earl Swagger
3206,700Diety ZERO
4185,114Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
5158,689Diety -Dark DEATH-
6113,262Diety loamigad {sdd}
784,258Lesser Deity Heav3n
871,756Lesser Deity England II
966,300Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
1064,534Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
1140,184Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
1228,558Commodore Troy
1316,161Major General ONE
1415,600Colonel Night Stalker
1510,119Major Shobo PeaceMakerS
168,071Warrant Officer hekokucher
178,067Lieutenant Colonel P33W33
187,795Lieutenant Colonel Noah
197,300Captain Mcfrench
206,464Lieutenant Colonel Leemanos
214,686Corpral PatBeverly92
224,648Major Justin3002
234,547Captain maxime888
244,512Major Ratticus
254,500Major Night Stalker Extreme

Most MP Kills
132Lesser Deity Man-0-War!
230Diety -Dark DEATH-
322Lesser Deity England II
421Admiral Komrade [GRIM]
517Lesser Deity Cdn Stylz
67Diety Yojimbo ~DBA~
74Diety ZERO
82Captain TGC1D*final*act*
92Major General ONE
102Colonel Night Stalker
112Captain TWO
122Major Night Stalker Extreme
131Diety loamigad {sdd}
140Private GAPa
150Captain Mcfrench
160Specialist AlwaysRunAway
170Corpral maxane
180Major Ratticus
190Specialist Katsugi
200Private First Class Rayjuken
210Specialist gforce
220Specialist Cuntifier
230Lieutenant Colonel Noah
240Private First Class Nutbagzzz
250Private First Class Run_Down

Marines listed as active have played since 2017-12-16