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Subject: World At Ruins Update #2(Replies: 0   Views: 1539)
FireStarter (Mod) said on: 05/19/13 6:53 am
(2952 Days, 23 Hrs, 41 Min, 47 Sec ago)

Fixes and Changes

1. Fixed a grave in the Graveyard that you couldn't previously enter.

2. Blocked access to the Crypt Basement until it can be finished.

3. Fixed an issue where changes being made to the map in the admin center were not being mirrored on the in game map.

4. Fixed several instances in the Underground Goblin Camp where you couldn't travel in the proper direction.

5. Removed several high level monsters from New Oran. (Shados the Phoenix Knight, Manwe Sulimo, and Aranel Melwasul)

6. Removed Xaneria's test area from New Oran.

7. Relocated the shops in New Oran so they are a bit easier to find.

8. Fixed several instances in Sleepers Peak Caverns where walking in the wrong direction would lead to the void.

Map Checks Completed

1. New Oran(Open)

2. Graveyard(Open)

3. Crypt(Open)

4. Underground Goblin Camp(Open)

5. Sleepers Peak Caverns(Currently Closed)

6. Holy Forest(Open)

7. Woodhall(Open)

Check back regularly for more updates and changes to the game!

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