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Started BySubjectR/VPostedAt
CitanNew Oran Temple032608/09 12:58 am
DannyFo (Mod)War2 Stamina issue resolved.035602/23 11:12 pm
Imposshelp with restoring fatigue354807/07 2:45 am
NatakuSo i'm stuck here at level 84170607/21 11:26 pm
FireStarter (Builder)World At Ruins Update6528305/17 12:15 am
Ic3mil0Hi 2103901/28 7:37 pm
XadriandiablosCharacter Items/Equipment4110409/03 11:09 am
FireStarter (Builder)What would you like to see in WAR2?12126006/11 5:29 am
Tooks (Guide)I'm Back0111407/30 4:29 am
FireStarter (Builder)Character Wipe/Mana Adjustment0101206/06 6:03 pm
Tooks (Guide)New Class0109606/05 10:06 pm
Tooks (Guide)New To WaR2?0104906/05 2:08 pm
FireStarter (Builder)Crypt Basement Re-Opened094005/30 1:21 am
FireStarter (Builder)New Classes/Change to beast and animals0196805/28 8:56 pm
FireStarter (Builder)New Race/Class1103905/23 5:21 am
FireStarter (Builder)World At Ruins Update #3093905/20 5:10 am
FireStarter (Builder)World At Ruins Update #2089405/19 6:53 am
DannyFo (Mod)Character Creation Fixed088705/14 10:51 pm
Hua96Drop List10235008/18 2:37 pm
Natakuwe need clans and PvP0108908/01 3:57 pm
Natakupost your stats0127708/01 3:56 pm
Natakutoday0108707/17 8:48 pm
LolotrollThis game is great3146512/19 6:13 pm
FireStarter (Builder)Enough is Enough37260102/25 4:37 pm
DrakenRahlWho?16187009/05 9:18 pm
AndrewSHello?4139307/09 9:16 pm
TheQuicknessThese prices can't be right4192504/14 4:08 am
Hellraiser (Builder)Requesting Player Input27230403/01 1:21 am
ShadyKnightBuilding an FAQ/ Walkthrough... Could use some User help10242602/10 6:10 pm
Dyer666Bug In The Level Points13184310/21 12:23 pm
Natakumy character got deleted2136204/26 2:32 pm
ShadyKnightContest Winners16249304/15 2:12 pm
Dyer666Getting Gold12189909/19 4:56 pm
LildlilAny new ideas for this game?3160511/05 8:30 pm
Michelangelotoo much grinding in this game4192304/08 7:49 pm
Dyer666Bug In The Drop System?6170509/08 11:20 pm
LildlilDoes anyone play this?9178408/12 7:20 pm
Bosnian035Um question10195006/08 6:54 am
Michelangeloabout the contest6178904/13 7:18 pm
Michelangelobug2166904/09 8:32 pm
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Welcome to the WaR2: New Horizons forums.

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