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Subject: New Classes/Change to beast and animals(Replies: 0   Views: 2729)
FireStarter (Mod) said on: 05/28/13 8:56 pm
(2677 Days, 19 Hrs, 4 Min, 10 Sec ago)

After looking over the current classes I noticed that they were a bit melee heavy. With the addition of the Berserker class that brought the total class count up to seven with four melee, two magic, and one hybrid. I'm happy to announce that this is no longer the case and the count has been brought up to an even ten with four melee, four magic, and two hybrid classes.

Battle Mage: Although similar to their wizard brethren the Battle Mages have chosen to broaden their horizons. They have taken to studying the art of strategy and war instead of solely focusing on their studies of the arcane. As a result they often find themselves on the front lines of battles wearing suits of armor or other forms of protection rather than a wizards robes.

Shaman: Shamans spend most of their lives living in the wild and off the land. They have shunned the use of armor for generations feeling that it only complicates the use of magic being burdened by its use. As a result they have become quite agile over the years.

Spellsword: The Spellsword has spent years teetering on that fine line of balance between magic and steel being careful not to favor one over the other. Adventurers who have had the chance to see these unique individuals in action have spread tails of how elegant they are in battle with blade and spell alike.

Beasts and Animals

All beasts and animals currently accessible have had their gold drops reduced to 0. In return they all now drop items that players can sell for a sum of gold. The value of these items depends on how difficult the mob is. For example a wolf pelt may sell for 100 gold as opposed to a unicorn horn selling for 100,000 gold.

I hope you all enjoy the new classes and keep an eye out for future updates!

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